Eco Holistic + Plant Based +Ethical Sourcing + 100% Natural
At Smell My Chakra Holistics we want you to nourish & love your skin with 100% beneficial ingredients given to us by nature. These skin loving cold process soaps are made the old fashioned way from scratch. All ingredients are carefully selected to ensure that you are only feeding your skin pure and moisturizing plant oils, butters and botanicals as well as pure therapeutic essential oils; which makes this the best soap for your skin as well as the healthiest soap for your skin too. Essential oils are steam distilled from plants, flowers and trees, or cold pressed from citrus fruits giving you even more amazing benefits directly from nature. Your skin is going to be left feeling clean, moisturized and healthy.
The difference between Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils? Essential oils are produced by steam distilling flowers, plants, herbs and leaves, or by cold pressing citrus fruit peels. Essential oils are highly vibrational healing oils that are found within nature. They are the oils used in aromatherapy which are known to help with emotional health, spiritual health, physical and emotional pain, skin conditions and much more. In addition to their healing properties, they are well known for having antibacterial and antifungal properties. Essential oils have countless benefits to your overall health. Fragrance oils are lab made which is why you can virtually have any synthetic scent imaginable in a fragrance oil. Fragrance oils are made through the combination of many different chemicals in order to produce a specific scent. Since fragrance oils are synthetic scents they do not have aromatherapy properties or any other health or skin benefit. Rather they tend to give people headaches and act as a skin irritant when applied topically.
Smell My Chakra’s product line is centered on natural and organic ingredients. All of the soaps are made with high quality skin loving plant oils, exotic butters, botanicals and essential oils. There are absolutely NO synthetic fragrances (such as fragrance oil or other lab made perfumes), synthetic colors (such as dyes, micas, or iron oxides), SLS (which is a well known foaming agent and skin irritant), or any other chemical additives. The soaps are as natural as it gets while still being beautifully colored with all natural ingredients. There are a variety of scents in addition to the products that are scented for chakra stimulation. The chakra synergy blends can be found within the soaps, candles, sprays, bath salts, and essential oil roll-ons. It all smells great and you do not need to know what a chakra is to use the soap, or any of the other products; you may just love the smell and quality of the products alone! All of the soaps are suitable for sensitive and irritated skin. They are also vegan and free of palm oil to ensure that they can be enjoyed by everyone!